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Receive renowned financial blogger “Mrkt_Rewind’s” personal color commentary and market outlook for the next trading day each evening after the bell for a whole year! In addition to his nightly research newsletter, you will have access to daily updates to the “ETF Rewind Lite” screener including over a dozen useful metrics, previously only provided to weekend readers.

This screen provides a thorough “state of the market” overview of all the major asset classes as represented by twenty-nine major ETFs. In addition to using the screen as a market sentiment monitor, it can also prove to be a deadly accurate short-term trading tool and intermediate-term rotation tool. Lastly, you will have access to our live-trading room featuring community chat, commentary and occasional streaming educational videos.

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Sample Commentary

Mrkt_Commentary – 06.07.11 – The mixed sector close equated to a small loss on the S&P500. We still have a bullish swing signal on the board, but it moderated significantly for tomorrow. Markets came back somewhat after the bell post-Bernanke’s presentation. We are now very oversold, but I continue to see the as yet rising 200-day EMA near SPY $126.50 as a growing market magnet in the context of an increasing ranked volatility reading.

Mrkt_Commentary – 06.03.11 – Friday’s significant jobs miss precipitated a further 1% Tech led pullback from recent highs. While I’d expect markets are nearly setup for a bounce between here and SPY $129.50, our outlook for tomorrow is slightly negative going into the new week. That said, as oversold as we are, I’ll be watching intraday internals for enough support to play any bounce, but again, only on a ‘scalp’/short-trade basis on strong internals.

Mrkt_Commentary – 06.01.11 – In alignment with last night’s trading bias, equities took their largest single-day hit since late summer, as led by the Financials and Industrials, each down over 3% on the day. Was last Friday’s rotation model shift to Aggregate Bonds (AGG) foreshadowing further correction? Of course the bond complex was up on the day! For tomorrow, we have a slight positive/ bullish bias for equities. However, as I have noted many times, ranked volatility continues to be on the rise (31% above) and large volatility spikes like this rarely resolve cleanly, meaning I anticipate lower lows ahead.


Rotating to the Ten-Month Leaders

Monitoring ten-month/ 200-day moving averages has become an important filter in the semi-active trader’s toolbox. In addition to over a dozen additional metrics, the nightly “ETF Rewind Lite” grid tracks and ranks relative performance among all twenty-nine ETFs.

Under the age old premise that a body in motion will tend to continue on its path, the back-tested model below makes an equal-weight investment in the top-three ranked ETFs above their respective 10-month moving averages with weekly re-balancing. Mrkt_Commentary subscribers will have access to Mrkt_Rwnd’s proprietary advanced stop-loss/take-profit models to aid in taking some of the noise out this simple-to-trade classic relative strength rotation model.




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