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Engineering Returns

A few month ago I released the SP500 and Nasdaq100 survivorship bias free index constitution (link). The data is build on NORGATE premiumdata my preferred data vendor. I’m considering creating and releasing this for CSI data as well. Making that fit the CSI symbology is quite an effort. In order to do that I would like to better gauge the demand for such a product under the same commercial conditions. Please send me an email hassler.frank (at) in case you are interested.

One Response to “Do you want SP500 historical index constitution for CSI?”

  1. Dear Frank:
    you don’t really need to ask, your survivorship free releases earlier were great and i believe doing it for CSI is extremely valuable! The problem is marketing/sales bias i am afraid. I realize who had to put very long hours into it but at the same time i am a college student (junior at University of Wisconsin majoring in economics and math). I use amibroker (which i got as a birthday present) and please forgive me but the prices you charge are simply outside of my range by such a large margin i really wonder who can afford it? Sorry if my email sounds unappreciative of your efforts (its not i learned a lot following your blog and your current work at etfprohet) just the always present money issue seems simply difficult. Sorry i must be having a bad day. Thank you for your posts and teachings.